#492 – Eurythmics, “Touch”

This was not an album that I was expecting to really enjoy in the bottom ten. That’s not to say that I disliked the Eurythmics, but I wasn’t particularly familiar with their work. Everyone knows the song “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” (I occasionally say “Made of Cheese”), but that was the only Eurythmics song that I could pick out of a line-up. As far as I can tell, Sweet Dreams has the most long-term success out of any of their songs/albums (it was the title track on the album). However, Touch is the album that made it on to the Rolling Stone “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” list.

Based off of my prior posts I’m sure you’re expecting me to go on about how this album shouldn’t be on the list, but Sweet Dreams should. That’s a fairly reasonable expectation, but it’s wrong. I guess the surprises just aren’t stopping this week.

Sweet Dreams is also a really good album. It was Eurythmics breakthrough commercial success, so I guess it had to have something good working for it, right? And it does, I assure you. But I think Touch is better. Maybe I’m wrong on this, or maybe it’s just weirder and that’s why I like it more.

This is the image I like to picture when listening to Eurythmics

Here’s another fun fact that makes this album impressive. Touch was recorded and mixed in around three weeks. I.e. less than a month. I’m sorry, what?

 comedy what dave chappelle GIF

You know how much I get done in a typical 3-week period? Let’s just say that I have never managed to squeeze out a certified platinum album in under a month.

I really was hoping to give this entry a little more zest, a touch more thunder, a brighter sparkle, etc. (i.e. I’m trying to make sure there is enough content to make it worth reading). However, I am returning from out of town where I was celebrating my Grandma’s 90th birthday (!!!), which definitely takes priority. So instead of content ya’ll are getting a shout out to Grandma! Love ya!

My Solid Gold Picks for Touch, in the order that they appear, are as follows:

  1. “Here Comes the Rain Again” (Surprisingly heard this on the Radio this morning in southern Missouri. Not sure I’ve ever heard it on the air before)
  2. “Regrets”
  3. “Right by Your Side”
  4. “Cool Blue”
  5. “Who’s That Girl?”

Yes, I realize that these are the first five tracks off of Touch. I assure you that I’m not just being lazy, these really are my top 5 picks (Note that this is base on the original track listing, no bonus tracks on re-releases). You can hear these and all of my other Solid Gold Picks on my Spotify Playlist, The Greatest Songs In The Universe.


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